Monday, April 13, 2015

Lilacs in Bloom

My lilacs are blooming. That hardly seems to be earth-shaking news. Many farmsteads have the old-fashioned blossoms. But it's been five years since lilacs bloomed beneath the shadow of our backyard windmill tower.
In May 2010, I took one of my favorite spring photos. It was a May Day basket filled with lavender lilacs and spirea. But soon after that photo, my lilacs met an untimely death with a too-close encounter with some weed killer.

Randy knew that the lilacs were among my favorite backyard flowers, so he's been trying to reestablish them ever since. This year, for the first time in five years, I have lilacs again.
They are still a bit straggly and spindly. They aren't the well-established crop that once filled our backyard with color and fragrance. But it's a start.
In each little unopened bud, there's the promise of more to come. And that's a good message for the beginning of another week.

Randy also planted lilacs south of our drive. And while they aren't blooming yet, the sturdy green plants dappled in sunlight and shadow are a reminder of love and caring.
The pleasures in life can swiftly pass unnoticed when you don't take the time to enjoy the beauty and sweet aroma that surrounds you.
Laura D. Field

The lilacs bloom under the canopy of a huge tree in our backyard. For several days, I'd noticed the play of light and shadow as I walked past the bathroom window.  I went outside for a closer look. The new green leaves were like green lace against a blue sky dappled with springtime morning sun.
The little things in life can become the big things, if you just keep your eyes open.
This morning, we are thankful for 1.75 inches of rain that fell Saturday and Sunday nights.


  1. Lilacs are such beautiful flowers. So pleased to hear that they are back out in your garden. Wonderful photos.

    1. Thanks, Lynda. They are some of my favorites, for sure.

  2. I love lilacs. Spokane is called the lilac city! They are everywhere! There are quite a few in the yard here too. They smell so yummy. Mine aren't blooming yet.
    Glad yours are healthy again. 💐

    1. I love spring flowers of all kinds. I've enjoyed seeing the tulips in your mom's blog photos, too, and I have some of those blooming by my front steps. I hope your lilacs bloom abundantly this year!