Friday, April 17, 2015

Curiosity and the Cattle

We all know what curiosity is said to do to cats. The cattle evidently haven't heard that cautionary tale. I know from experience that they are curious creatures, too.

I didn't really have time to spare on my way to a meeting. But the cattle lined up along the pasture fence caught my eye, so I had to stop. (Even though I backtracked from the corner after telling myself I should just go on, I made it on time!)

The cattle were watching Randy load alfalfa bales on the semi for a trip to a Dodge City feedlot. Randy's theory is that they were wishing he'd feed them those good alfalfa bales instead of the sudan ones that were in the feeder at that moment. 
But I know that they sometimes run to the fence to check out a passerby on a morning walk, too.
Whatever the reason, they made me smile. (Not getting the cattle and the tractor in the same photo frame didn't. Well, I got one, but it was blurry. That's what I get for hurrying!)

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