Friday, July 17, 2015

Checking In On The Kids

It's always good to check in on the kids. You never know what kind of trouble they can get into when left to their own devices. Tearing up the property? Unexpected visitors? Eating all the food?

Though I'd much rather check in with my granddaughters, we instead loaded up the 4-wheeler and went to the Ninnescah Pasture to check on the baby calves and their mothers. With harvest behind us, it was time to make sure the fences were still standing and everybody was at their assigned location with no other visitors crashing the buffet.
We couldn't believe that they were all gathered close-by, and we didn't even have to unload the 4-wheeler. And, if truth is told, I was looking forward to a 4-wheeler ride down by the river. Oh well! It was getting dark pretty quickly anyway by the time we were able to go.
Everybody was present and accounted for.
They were their curious selves and came to check out the interlopers to their pastoral abode.
The pretty sunset was a bonus.
(I'm running behind with my posts. This actually happened July 8.)


  1. It's always good when the cattle check goes well. J checked one bunch of cows on Tuesday and found 3 of the 6 bulls limping. Two of them must have got in a fight with each other and the third has hoof rot. We gathered them up and brought them home and turned out 2 heifer bulls with the cows.

    This morning J checked another pasture and found 2 more hurt bulls. He tried to get them in and became a frustrated Rancher and decided they could stay where they are at. He said one bull was still rather active and would be ok.

    It might be a long breeding season this year.

    1. Oh no! That is never good! We have had years like that, but this year, so far, so good, at least, as far as we know. I guess the proof will be during calving season.

    2. J talked to the guy that we buy the majority of our bulls from and he said his phone is ringing off the hook with people having bull problems. Mom and Dad had a bull break his leg a few weeks ago. Dad said it was a first in his ranching career.

      Glad your bulls are not causing problems ... yet.

    3. The beef judge at the county fair is a guy we buy some bulls from. He said he was getting lots of calls, too. So here's hoping our luck holds out! We have definitely had our share of problems some other years.