Monday, July 20, 2015

Change of Scenery

With the thermometer hovering near 100 degrees for the past week, I am ready for a change of scenery. Kind of like Goldilocks, I am seeking "just right" - not too hot, not too cold, but that magical time when a sweatshirt is like a warm hug on a chilly morning. I must admit a little envy when I see people posting photos from their Colorado vacation cabins, bundled up with a fleecy sweatshirt.

I don't know whether the heifers were ready for a change of scenery. But they got one anyway. We moved them from one pasture to another on July 8. Though it was a couple of weeks ago, it seems like longer. The morning we moved them, it was cool enough that Randy wore a long-sleeved T-shirt. Believe me, that hasn't happened since, and it's just a fleeting - though welcome - memory. 

We moved the 25 heifers and one bull after they'd been at the "Palmer pasture" for a couple of months. That pasture is not large enough to sustain that number of animals all summer. Even though there was a good amount of grass still there, Randy decided a nice, cool morning was a good time for a move. I married a wise man!

After we got them gathered in the pen, we herded about 10 at a time in the barn ...
... and into the waiting cattle trailer.
In three trips, we brought the heifers to the pasture south of our house, where they'll be dining for a few weeks.
We'll reverse the process and take them back to the Palmer pasture later this summer.
Mr. Bull got a chauffeured ride back to the home place, where he's hanging out with some late-calving cows.
His job is done for the season. We hope the "ladies" are still working hard, gestating a portion of our 2016 calf crop!


  1. Kim,

    I like your "I am seeking "just right"" weather. It's turned off hot and dry here and the weatherman said next week will be hot. Now that we are done haying it can rain anytime.

    It's always nice to do something a little different after being in the field. Personally, I prefer the cattle work anyway. J started the 3rd round of summer fallow this morning.

    Hope you can get all the machinery up and running at the same time.

    1. The machinery seems to be the challenge at the moment. The next couple of days are supposed to cool off a bit (if you call upper 80s and low 90s cool - ha)! But it's better than flirting with 100 degrees, I suppose. It's been raining around us, but we haven't gotten any.