Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Operator Error: A Silage Update

Operator Error:  The photographer didn't realize in the bright sun that the silage was covering her farmer's face.

But I guess it does show how quickly this fast-growing crop changes, even if it won't win any photographic awards. (But, on a positive note, the clouds are sure pretty against that green silage, aren't they?)
I took this photo of Randy planting silage on June 6.
By June 15, it was already emerging.
I look at this photo from July 8 as the heat index approaches 110 degrees and I long for that cool morning.
This was two weeks later, on July 22. Even after the hot and dry weather of the past two weeks, the silage has flourished.

Randy planted 35 acres of silage (also known as forage sorghum), which we'll later have custom harvested for winter cattle feed. He planted it in two different locations, but both are relatively close to the trench silo. That makes it easier (and cheaper) to have the feed hauled to the silo next September or October.
As long as it keeps growing well, we'll be able to say "Dinner is served" to our cows and feeder cattle this winter.


  1. Forage sorghum is such an amazing plant. It is astonishing how fast it grows!!

    1. It really is quick! It should do even better now after about 1 1/2 inches of rain over a two-day period.