Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Simple Praise

Our church choir sang a song for our community Thanksgiving service last Sunday titled  Simple Praise.

As I sit at my computer ...
As I've ridden the 4-wheeler to help move cattle ...
As I've baked and chopped and stirred ...
The words and music of this song have drifted through my mind, over and over again.

And when I've been at choir, pictures have floated into my mind as we've sung the words.

It's about thanks giving. Not necessarily Thanksgiving, though it's certainly the perfect time to recognize God's gifts and blessings all around us. But our thanks giving should be every day, not just on the fourth Thursday in November each year.

I found one choir had uploaded Simple Praise by Craig Courtney and Pamela Martin to youtube. If you'd like, listen to the song (the link is at the bottom of this post) and look at the illustrations that have been floating through my mind and are now assembled together, kind of like that other favorite song of the season, We Gather Together.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from The County Line.

 For a canvas of colors
For a concert of sound
For the unfolding seasons
The earth spinning round
 For the birth of each sunrise
For the sky set ablaze
For these simple gifts
We give simple praise
 Simple praise for the Giver
And thanks to the One
Who has given us breath
And given His Son
To the Giver of blessings
For all of our days
  For these simple gifts

We give simple praise

For the love of a mother
For the touch of a hand
For the deeper emotions
We can't understand

For the lessons we learn
From the trials we face

For these simple gifts
We give simple praise

The heart of the Giver

 The hand of the One
From whom every blessing
Of living has come
 For measureless mercy and limitless grace
For these simple gifts
We give simple praise.

This was updated from a 2012 post.


  1. What a beautiful choir. So thankful you updated this wonderful post. Happy Thanks

    1. Thanks, Helen! I hope you are enjoying your travels!

    2. Home now and trying to adapt to normality and heat. I forgot to mention that I had owned your Little Golden Book of 'Prayers for Children', as a child.

    3. I bought it at our church book sale several years ago. I don't think I had it as a child, though we had a lot of the Little Golden Books.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. This is a beautiful post. Hug B

    1. Thanks, B! Enjoy your granddaughter during this coming holiday season!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving from a frequent lurker. The pictures in this post are stunning. Hope you and yours had a wonderful & blessed day!

    1. I'm thankful to have faithful lurkers! We had a great Thanksgiving. Brent smoked his first turkey and Jill & I provided the rest. All was delicious! It was great to be together.

  4. Lovely thoughts and beautiful pictures, Kim.
    Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday weekend.

    1. We did, Robyn. I appreciated the Thanksgiving card and note. THANKS!