Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Follow the Yellow Brick Road?


I saw a sweatshirt on Facebook recently that seemed made for me: Farm Uber. It was just another case of Facebook seemingly spying on my life. 

During my repeated trips to, from and yon in my Farm Uber role, I've been singing "Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road" in my head. 

Granted, there's not a brick to be seen. But some of the road shoulders are "paved" with yellow. The gold in "them thar hills" may not have much street value or what most people might call a hill. But it sure has eye appeal (unless you're about to get your car stuck on poorly maintained roads ... but that's another story). 

Roadside sunflowers are producing a bumper crop.
It's just one of the glimpses of beauty that's all around us - free for the taking if only we pause and really see it.

On one evening trip to the field, I also loved the yellows (and all the other colors) during Golden Hour, that time right before the sun goes down. I had just talked that morning to the yearbook class at Stafford High School about advantages of light during the Golden Hour. There were examples all around me just a few hours later.

One milo field was illuminated by sunset.

 Another was catching a whole different light perspective looking to the east.

Peace Creek, looking east
One of my favorite local photo spots - Peace Creek along the Zenith Road - was looking especially peaceful as the sun was setting and the wind was settling down for the night.

Peace Creek, looking west

I couldn't resist one more stop before I headed for home. A windmill about a mile from our farmstead as the crow flies is a favorite western vista when there's a dramatic sky brewing.

Some curious bystanders came to check me out.

They definitely have a "room" with a view.


  1. Farm Uber! Love it and the 'yellow brick road'!Glorious yellow of the sunflowers and marvellous captures during the Golden Hour. I'm curious to know what the 'yearbook class' is? What was your lecture on? You continue to amaze me with all you achieve every day.

    1. Schools produce a "yearbook" or "annual" which includes photos of individual students, classes, extracurricular activities, etc. I was yearbook editor my senior year and so was our son. I talked about photo principles - setting up good shots with design, etc. (rules of thirds, framing, leading lines, etc.)