Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Snow Glow

The wonder of a single snowflake outweighs
 the wisdom of a million meteorologists.

–Sir Francis Bacon, philosopher

The meteorologists actually got the forecast right last week. We had between 5 and 5 1/2 inches of snow that fell February 2 and 3.

We are thankful for the moisture. Our thirsty wheat fields were glad to soak up a little moisture after a dry fall and winter. 

With the temperatures climbing this past weekend and as we begin the new week, the snow is fast disappearing. But Randy and I did get out for a snowy cruise last Friday afternoon. 

Neither of us was sorry that we didn't have to venture out to feed cattle or check for new babies when the wind chill was sub-zero last week. I do miss having the heifers and their new babies practically in my backyard. 

But we still have a liberal "visitation policy" in place with Tye and Todd, who are calving out the heifers and cows this year as our first piece of the retirement plan. (At least, I hope they don't cringe when they see our pickup coming.)

Baby calves may have been the cutest things to photograph. But there were other snowy stops on our sightseeing tour. 

Before we ever got out of the farmyard, we saw evidence of other creatures. Randy thinks these tracks were made by a rabbit, rather than our cats.

Snowdrifts made for interesting art installations. 

A stop at the Peace Creek Cemetery north of our house provided another backdrop for snowy landscapes.

This angel would have been shivering like me, had she not been made of stone ...

 ... or plastic.  

The little lamb was snuggled in a blanket of snow. When Jill was little, we always had to bring flowers at Memorial Day for the little lamb marking a child's grave.  

Peace Creek looked like an Andrew Wyeth painting ...

whether in color ...

... or in black and white.

True confessions: I changed it to black and white to avoid the dirty tinge to the snow on Peace Creek at the Zenith Road. With the wind whipping and our dry conditions, the snow looked like it could use a good spring cleaning. 

After this week, the snow will be just a memory.


  1. Yes! We have the chance for some snow again this Thursday. We just returned from the mountains in Colorado. Our daughter's family skiied and we cheered them on. There was lots of snow there!