Thursday, June 16, 2022

New Tool for the Old Gardener


Some "well-seasoned" men buy sports cars. My husband bought a rototiller. (I much prefer my husband's approach to life. Some of those sports car men also trade in their old-model wives.)

ANYWAY, as we transition from full-time farm life to retirement, Randy envisions more time in the garden. As I wrote earlier this year, he used a whole lot of organic fertilizer and old hay bales, trying to enrich the soil at our garden site. I was convinced he was a little overenthusiastic with his application of fertilizer, and it would make it too "hot." 

While some things seem to be doing OK, some of the plants may have sided with my point of view. (Thankfully, the tomatoes seem to be surviving so far.) Well, there's always next year. 

He also purchased worms for the garden plot. (Click HERE for that post.)


 Evidently they didn't do everything to aerate the soil because Randy also purchased a new rototiller. 

It's a better machine than the hand-me-downs we've used in the past.


The salesman told him, "It's the Cadillac of rototillers. Your grandchildren will use it." (I'm sure they will standing in line for that particular inheritance.)

I guess salesmen are salesmen no matter what they are pitching.
My favorite part about the rototiller? Randy runs it and not me.
NOTE: These garden photos were taken May 31, but I've had other posts to make. We do have a few tomatoes setting on. However, wheat harvest is the focus these days, so the gardening will take a back seat for right now.




  1. I begin to see what your new lifestyle might be.

    1. Well, maybe it will get him out of the house some! Gardening isn't my thing, though it definitely was my grandparents' thing. Right now, we are in the midst of wheat harvest, and then we'll be working on getting ready for the farm sale.