Thursday, June 9, 2022

A Cookie Index


Cut Out Sugar Cookies

I watch shows on Food Network, where home cooks compete against professional pastry chefs. And I think, "I could never do that." 

For one thing, I'd just get too nervous.
For another, I would not do well under time constraints.
But I do enjoy baking - whether it's for harvest snack bags with cookies packaged two by two or whether it's for fancy occasions like bridal showers. And in this case, a very special rehearsal dinner.
We hosted the dinner at The Dogwood Gardens in Peculiar, Mo. (If you ever find yourself needing an event space in Peculiar, I highly recommend it.)
Besides the frosted sugar cookies (top photo), I made 11 more treats. 
I made this key and framed it, then put it on the serving table so people could see what they were choosing.

 I did the same for the cream cheese candies.
We decided to have Brent's and Susan's rehearsal dinner meal catered by Jack Stack BBQ. (Please refer back to my list of caveats earlier in this post. I would have been a nervous wreck to try and cater a meal for 53 at a location 4 1/2 to 5 hours away from home). 

But the rehearsal dinner venue gave us the flexibility to bring in our own desserts. (Some venues - like their wedding venue - require approved caterers. I'm not one. We did sneak in the cream cheese candies on the wedding cake table though.)
So it was a pleasure to provide this labor of love for Brent & Susan. 
Thankfully, I could start on the project in advance. So I did several baking days and stashed them in the freezer. 
I got the cookies and candies crammed in my own freezers. But we had to borrow freezer space at the church to store the three kinds of snack mix I made for welcome bags.  

The welcome bags went to each guest who'd made reservations in the wedding block. Included were two bags of homemade snack mix - one sweet and one savory. The Ladd family helped me assemble them. Susan's mom provided the lavender cookies, made with lavender from a farm near Manhattan.

(When I was taking photos of the things in bags, I missed getting my sticker in the shot. Susan purchased a variety of Kansas City-themed stickers to put in the hotel guest bags. She chose this one for us because of the wheat featured!)

Here are the links to all the kinds of cookies I made for the rehearsal dinner:

These cookies have espresso powder for that coffee flavor. They're rolled in cinnamon-sugar before baking to make the "spiced" part of the spiced capacchino flavor. I used cookies and cream Hershey's Kisses for the center candy.
(M & M Cookies and Pretzel-Peanut Butter Cookies)
When I make cookies for harvest, Core meals or some other time I need a lot of cookies, I usually triple a basic cookie recipe and then divide it into five or six parts. I then add different mix-ins to each of those parts. It gives you a variety of cookies without all the work.
A year ago or so, I picked up several packages of Nestle's Morsels and More Spring Easter Basket. They were on sale after Easter, so I stuck them in the freezer for future baking.
The mix-ins include pretzels, as well as pastel chocolate shapes and mini peanut butter chips. Brent tasted them and really liked them, and he requested them for the rehearsal dinner. I had a partial package left, so I supplemented with some pretzel balls I'd gotten from Glenn's Bulk Foods and some peanut butter chips. To "dress them up," I melted blue candy melts, drizzled it over the cookies and topped with heart sprinkles. 
While I was making those, I also did some with mini M & Ms for some variety and a different color.

These shortbread-based cookies have cornstarch, which gives them their "meltaway" characteristics. The lime zest gives a fresh and summery taste.


Who can resist a chocolate-covered caramel Rolo candy hidden in the middle of a chocolatey cookie? 

Raspberry Thumbprints

Kinley got a purple ribbon at the Shawnee County Fair with Raspberry Thumbprint cookies last summer. The shortbread cookie base is flavored with a little almond extract and a thumbprint-sized dollop of raspberry jam.The recipe is from Sally's Baking Addiction.


Chocolate Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

Jill first made these cookies and shared the recipe, also from Sally's Baking Addiction. This was one of the two kinds of cookies that were completely gone at the end of the rehearsal diner night. The salty-sweet combo is a hit!



Aloha Tropical Bars 

Bar cookies are easy, and these are particularly tasty with macademia nuts, dried pineapple, coconut and white chocolate chips. 


Coconut Macaroons 

This time, I used Brach's Confetti Cake Stars because I wanted a pastel topper. 

I've also used regular chocolate stars and colored candy melts as the center decoration.


Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

These cookies stuffed with a miniature Reece's peanut butter cup were also gone by the end of the night. Chocolate & PB: Always a popular combo!

Pretzel Bites

You can use different candy melt discs and different colored M & Ms to have these pretzel bites fit any occasion. This time, I used blue candy melts as the base, since that was Brent's and Susan's wedding colors, and then topped them with pastel M & Ms that I bought during Easter and stashed in the freezer. 


I also served extra snack mixes at the rehearsal dinner. There was a little down time between the rehearsal at The Barn at Riverbend and our arrival at Dogwood Gardens, where we hosted the rehearsal dinner. This gave time for people to visit, grab a drink and some snack mix.

Link to the Snack Mix Up is HERE.

 Link to the Churro Snack Mix is HERE.

I also did traditional Chex Mix, but I didn't get a photo of it. (I don't think I've ever posted a blog with that recipe, but I use something similar to the recipe on the box. I do substitute Quaker Oat Squares for part of the Chex cereal because my family likes the salty-sweet combo. I also use bagel chips that I purchase at Glenn's Bulk Foods. 

NOTE:  There will be photos from the official wedding photographer at some point. Brent & Susan have decided to wait until they have all the photos before they make their selections and post any photos to social media. So I will be patient.


  1. Who can resist any of these? What a marathon effort by you. I could never be that organised. I'm sure it must have been a very special evening and weekend.

    1. I like doing it, and people seemed to enjoy the treats as well!

  2. I bet there were people who just had to try one of each cookie! They all look delicious Kim, and I was salivating just reading about them! Great job.

    1. There may have been some tables who shared bites of cookies to try them all!