Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Behind the Camera

I'm often behind the camera. When you look through the copious collection of photos stuffed into plastic tubs that document Jill & Brent's childhood, Randy most often served as the parent of record.

Usually that was by design. I much prefer "hiding" behind the lenses rather than being in front of it.

During Jill & Eric's move last weekend from their one-bedroom apartment to their three-bedroom home, I was again behind the camera. In my defense, Jill asked me to take some photos, since her camera was MIA at the time.

But when you look at one integral part of the move, it appears my position behind the camera could have been by design. I do know people who suddenly find something else to do when there's work involved. I'm really not one of them. Really. It just appears that way when the other five people involved in the move are juggling a king-sized mattress. (By the way, we wonder when mattress manufacturers began deleting the handles that used to be attached. If it was a cost-saving measure, it was a dumb idea. It took all 10 hands to muscle that mattress from the back of the U-Haul into their bedroom.)

I did hold the door. You just can't see that part.

And I guarantee I helped with the move, though I don't think there are any photos to prove it. Believe me, I found muscles in my arms that I'd forgotten I had (Jill is always telling me I need to add weight/strength training to my workout. OK, Jill ... I hear you!) My legs were none the worse for wear after going up and down the stairs from the apartment to the trailer umpteen times. But the arms? That was a different story.

I did not offer to dig out the newlywed's back patio. Eric's dad, Alan, attempted the task with the shovel we had gotten Eric for his birthday. (We just got the shovel. We didn't offer to use it!) He gave up after awhile. I guess it will be spring thaw before they find it.

And I did help Jill & Christy unload boxes and find new homes for all the stuff. But again, there's no proof.

But the sore muscles were worth it to see Jill & Eric in their new home. (Note the drifts in the front yard. While we were in Omaha, the newspaper reported 65 straight days of snow on the ground, just one other reason they haven't seen that back patio!)

Welcome home, Jill & Eric! (And keep that guest room ready!)

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