Friday, February 12, 2010

The Big Move

Just call us R & K Movers. Our motto: We might not be GOOD, but we're CHEAP!

Today we helped Jill & Eric move from their one-bedroom apartment to a new three-bedroom house in Omaha. Our assignment was to arrive in Omaha by 4:30 yesterday to pick up the U-Haul trailer. Eric's parents, Alan & Christy, had an assignment, too (We couldn't have all the fun by ourselves!)

I decided to skip my 4.5-mile walk this morning. I used lift-and-carry weight training for a fitness option. Part of it was up and down stairs from Jill & Eric's second-floor apartment. Who needs a StairMaster!?

For some reason, Jill didn't go for the cattle trailer option. (Honestly, I'm glad we didn't have to pull the trailer from home to Nebraska.) With snow and slush a constant in Omaha this winter, she also didn't want to haul her earthly possessions in the back of the pickup.

Her dad and I have done our share of moving in cattle trailers. Of course, we haven't done too much moving. We have lived in three houses since our marriage almost 29 years ago. But all our moves have been within a 5-mile radius.

Our most memorable move was to this house. I was eight months pregnant with Jill, so we've lived here on the County Line for 24-plus years. Randy grew up two miles north of here, and he said he always dreamed of living in this house.

Jill & Eric probably won't be in their new house forever. But there is still great excitement and anticipation as they move to this new home (and especially move AWAY from a crazy neighbor at the apartment building!)

So, even if they are using slightly decrepit movers, it was a pleasure to help them on this next step of the journey. No, we are not hiring out. This moving company only works for a select few.

More to come on the move next week. And, by the way, I pulled the photo of their house off Jill's blog, and she had gotten it from a website advertising the house. They have never seen their lawn without snow. They think they have a patio under the foot or so of snow and ice.


  1. Hey....I moved in that cattle trailer too I believe!!

  2. I believe you are right (though we no longer have that particular trailer!)