Monday, February 22, 2010

Note to Winter: Stop!

Brrrr! It was another weekend of ice and cold. I like the photos with the wintry weather, but I would be perfectly content to start interjecting some spring scenes from the County Line.

It didn't seem like Sunday around here. Church was canceled because the church parking lot, sidewalks and our old church steps were a glassy sheet of ice. So Randy and I watched a movie and the Olympics. I am not complaining about the lazy day, but it really does throw off my internal calendar when I don't start the week with church.

We were thankful the ice didn't knock out our electrical service. (We had enough of that in December 2007 when we were without electricity for 12 days!)

Our excursion for the day involved checking for baby calves. Overnight, we'd had two babies from heifers and another two from cows. But they all arrived safe and sound, despite the cold, cruel start in this world. These two momma and baby pairs had the right idea: They found some shelter in the barn.

The ice-covered weeds had extra light from the pickup headlights, and I liked the red gate in the background, too.

Enjoy some more glimpses of winter from The County Line. I froze my fingers to get some icicle shots. I hope these are the last of this season (but I'm not holding my breath!)

These last two photos were shots from today. I almost captured the water droplet in the first. And then, success! Note the water droplet falling from the icicle. I stood out there forever trying to capture it. This was as close as I came. Ah, the sacrifices I make for art!

Tomorrow, I'll share a recipe to warm you up on these cold days!

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  1. STOP what you're doing now and post the recipe. I can't wait till tomorrow for a recipe.