Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Outstanding in His Field

We never expected to find Wheat Fields in downtown Omaha. But I couldn't resist a photo of my favorite farmer standing in front of much different Wheat Fields than he's used to here in South Central Kansas.

And he couldn't resist an afternoon snack - a chocolate mousse pie that probably had the calories of a complete meal. (Sorry I don't have a photo. It was before I was even contemplating my venture into the blogging world!)

It is much more typical to take Randy's photo in the wheat fields of Kansas. As quickly as the calendar seems to move, those wheat field photos will again be here before we know it.


  1. Kim:

    Dorothy told me of your blog. It's really neat
    and it brings back many good memories of my life
    there on the farm. Loved the picture of the house winter scence. Keep it up, I will check it often. Go Wildcats.

    Jim Johnson

  2. Glad to have you back on the County Line! We feel very blessed to live in this home.