Friday, March 12, 2010

Cool Cats Watch the 'Cats!

A couple of "cool cats" joined me in watching the KSU 'Cats play the Oklahoma State Cowboys last night. I'm happy to report all my cats did great.

What constitutes a great evening with the cats?

First, the K-State Wildcats were back on the prowl with a convincing win over OSU.

Second, Big Cat stayed where he was supposed to. That's Big Cat cozied up with Randy. Staying with the cat theme of the evening, Randy is wrapped up in his leopard-print Snuggie (which he insists on calling a Snuggle, no matter how many times Jill corrects him).

This will probably not make animal lovers happy, but I don't like animals in the house.

That was one of the "deal breakers" in the marriage negotiations 29 years ago. There would be no animals in the house, I declared emphatically.

So, what has happened in my old age? Well, even though the rules have relaxed, there are still rules. Sorry, but our big old farm dog Ralph doesn't make the cut (even though I probably like him better than the cats, if truth is confessed).

Any cat who enters the house on the County Line must stay on Randy's lap. If it escapes, it's out of here. No second chances. Cats who can't conform are shooed out the back door to do what farm cats are meant to do - to protect me and my house from mice.

Our County Line cats are prolific, so we have plenty of mouse-fighters in our midst. We have shared the wealth with my parents on several occasions. Randy usually isn't picky about which cats get to move to Pratt County.

But Big Cat is the one exception. He is a County Line cat through and through.

Don't blame me for the uninspired name. The cat belongs to Randy. Big Cat tolerates me, but keeps me in my place with his patented evil eye. This is only directed at me, never Randy.

But since he was good luck for my Wildcats last night, Big Cat will probably be joining us for another game tonight. Just as long as he remembers his place.


  1. Oh the snuggle....Well maybe Big Cat is our good luck charm....EMAW or I should say ECAW (every cat a wildcat)