Monday, March 29, 2010

Weather ... or Not

Our wedding might not have happened if it had been scheduled for 2009.

No, I wouldn't have changed my mind.

But the weather might have.

Last year, we woke up to almost 2 feet of snow on March 28.

Randy grew up 2 miles north of our house on the County Line. He wouldn't have gotten out of his driveway.

(That's our car buried underneath all the snow!)

I grew up on a farm in northern Pratt County. My folks had just as much snow as we did. I wouldn't have made it the 15 miles to town either.

We had contemplated getting married on March 14, but some friends chose that day. Back in 1981, my mom said that was probably for the best. Having the wedding two weeks earlier might increase the chances for snow.

Thankfully, it didn't snow on March 28, 1981. Just for the record, it didn't snow on March 14, 1981, either.

But it certainly did on March 28, 2009.

Our wedding was not without weather drama. It rained. It rained so hard that my mom pulled the car over on our way to the church in Pratt. It rained so hard that a few of the guests slipped into the church after I walked down the aisle.

But I always thought that the rain was kind of a good omen for a couple of country kids. Farmers hardly ever turn down a spring rain.

Snow, on the other hand, would not have been good. I think the only person who might have made it to the church was the minister. And that's because he lived across the street from the sanctuary.

I don't remember worrying much about the weather. I guess I was just a naive 23-year-old kid.

I can tell you I worried a whole lot more about the weather before our daughter's wedding this past August. However, I will tell you that snow never crossed my mind, though it might have felt kind of good on a day with 100-degree-plus temperatures.

By the time we were ready to leave the church on our wedding day, the sun had come out. It was like God was smiling right along with us.

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  1. Hey!! That looks like my first car!!