Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Signs of Spring

It was time to turn over the rain gauge here on the County Line. Randy, ever the optimist, made the transition before the half inch of rain fell yesterday and today. I guess that also means he believes we are done with freezing temperatures. Like I said, he's an eternal optimist, which is a good thing to be when you're a farmer.

The moisture and the warmer temperatures are waking up the wheat from its winter slumber. Even though glimpses of the sun were scarce to nonexistent today, it still made a pretty picture with the overcast, light blue skies and green fields.

Best of all, the co-op got the wheat ground sprayed with fertilizer and herbicide over the weekend, giving it a chance to soak in with the gentle rain. That's always a good thing (especially when you consider the bill. You want the fertilizer and herbicide doing the best job it possibly can when you write that big check!)

And a trip to the pasture always reminds me of new life and spring. (This was obviously not today since there was sunshine!) But if you look closely, you can see the umbilical cord still attached to this little one, who was brand new on Saturday. On sunshiny days, the baby calves kick up their heels and chase one another around the pasture. I figured the two butting heads in the pasture on Saturday were boys. That's such a boy thing to do!

My wish from the County Line for you? I hope you are beginning to see some signs of spring where YOU live, too!

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  1. The sign of spring that I see is spring BREAK on the calendar in......TWO DAYS!!!!!!!! I can hardly stand it.