Monday, March 1, 2010

In Like a Lion (or a Wildcat)?

March is coming in like a lion here on the County Line. You know the saying: "When March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb." I'm all for the second half of that maxim coming true. I'm ready for some "lamb" weather.

But, alas, today has included snow flurries. Thankfully, the snow is wet and it's not sticking, even though my car advised me that "Ice could be possible" with temperatures hovering around freezing.

It wasn't just snowing on the County Line. Stafford was also getting snow flurries this afternoon when I made my trip to town to accompany at school.

It wasn't a lion roaring in, but the WILDCATS roaring Saturday night when we went to the K-State vs. Missouri game. There were some cold moments though, especially among the K-State players who shot a miserable 19 percent from the field during the first half.

Bramlage Coliseum was loud and proud on Saturday night. We don't go to every game, but I thought the crowd was deafening in our quest to "help" the guys pull out a 63-53 victory over Mizzou. The Octagon of Doom was packed to the rafters with Purple Pride.

In the email Official Sports Report from K-State today, they interviewed Senior Chris Merriewether.

Merriewether says that in 10 years, he will remember Bramlage Coliseum as being "the loudest place ever," and a place where "blood, sweat and tears were left on the court."

We fans were sweating it out for awhile, too, but we didn't give up on our guys. It sure was fun to be there. It was 1:30 AM before we got to bed, but it was worth it. Go 'Cats!

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