Friday, August 12, 2011

Along for the Ride

"For me, the worst part of playing golf, by far,
has always been hitting the ball.
Comedian Dave Barry

Oh, Dave: I can so relate. That's why I decide to let my husband hit the ball and I ride along in the cart. We are both much happier that way.

Early in Randy's fascination with golf, he bought me a used set of women's left-handed golf clubs. He even took me to a driving range and had a professional give me pointers.

But he can't change my natural propensities: I like being good at the things I do. Yes, I realize that's a narrow-minded way to live, but there you go. It's the truth. I was not good at golf.

I am good at riding in the cart. I am good at taking photos of pretty places where Randy golfs. I am good at reading a book while we wait on the foursome ahead of us. I am good at being a conversationalist when called upon and in being quiet during the all-important golf swing.

Randy has made his peace with that. When we go to a new location, Randy likes to golf at courses that have been mentioned in the pages of his Golf Digest While in Idaho, we (OK, he) golfed at Jug Mountain Ranch near McCall, just down the road from Lyle's home in Cascade. (Jug Mountain Ranch was named to a list of America's Best New Courses in 2007.)

The overall "green" of the course was quite a contrast from the withered lawn and scorched farm fields we'd left behind in Kansas.

Randy likes wearing his Wildcat gear while on these out-of-state golfing expeditions. The EMAW cap is always good for a few inquires. (For you non-Wildcats out there, it means "Every Man A Wildcat.")

He probably liked the course at The Prairie Club in Valentine, Nebraska, more. But Jug Mountain did have a few things Nebraska didn't have ...

like mountain vistas beneath Jughandle Mountain's 8,687-foot peak ...

and a red fox making his way onto the fairway after a dip in a nearby stream.

All in all, it was a pretty good day ... especially since I didn't have to hit that stupid little ball.

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