Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Slow-Moving Object: Buffalo Style

Slow moving vehicle signs are a fact of life in farm country. The glow in the headlights signal drivers to slow down as they approach a slow-moving tractor or farm implement.

But slow moving took on a whole new meaning at Yellowstone.

(Through the windshield)

This buffalo bull should have had a slow-moving sign slapped across his massive rear end as we followed him down the highway for a few hundred yards. (That's our burgundy car hood in the foreground.)

(Taken hanging out the window!)

He finally showed us his better side. (And, as you can see in the Penske truck, I wasn't the only one hanging out the window to get a shot of this guy. In fact, that poor guy probably has me in the background of his best Yellowstone buffalo shot. Sorry anonymous Penske guy ... OK, not too sorry.)

Yellowstone-style traffic jams signaled a "wildlife sighting" as we drove through the park. If there were people pulled off along the sides of the road, you started looking for buffalo, elk or deer. Ironically, we didn't see a single pronghorn antelope in Yellowstone, but we saw dozens grazing alongside cattle in Wyoming pastures on our way home.

(Elk with the Grand Tetons in the background)

Randy really wanted to see a bear. But, evidently, he was in the minority. As we walked along trails, other visitors jingled and jangled as they carried bells to ward off bears.

It must have worked. We didn't see a single bear. And we might have made fun of the people with the bells. Maybe we wouldn't have been laughing if a big grizzly had us for lunch.


  1. Kim, I got the privilege of seeing a bear while walking on a trail in the Grand Tetons. It was amazing. I'm sorry Randy didn't get to.

    I really enjoy catching up on your blog when I have time. You are a great writer!
    Sara Brockman

  2. Sara - Randy will be so jealous when I tell him you saw a bear! Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by to visit at The County Line.

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