Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On a Silver Platter

This is our tomato crop for Summer 2011. Sad, isn't it?

Randy came into the house, presented it to me and said this tiny cherry tomato needed a silver platter. He has certainly watered and tended the tomato and cucumber plants with the care of a white-gloved butler brandishing a silver tray in service to a master.

Not that it's done much good. The heat is winning this battle. Pretty much all you can do is weakly say, "I surrender."

He picked our little tomato before it fully ripened. You don't want to lose the only "baby" you've gotten. The cucumber vines have fared a little better, and we've enjoyed them on salads. But they are succumbing to the heat these days, too.

Visions of Cheese Dreams have been dancing in my head. But I will have to find someone with homegrown tomatoes to do that favorite recipe justice.

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