Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tickled Pink

Our Little Ladd will be a Lady! We are, of course, tickled pink.

Jill & Eric had a sonogram on Monday. There is always some question as to whether the baby will cooperate with the sonogram technician. But I had no doubt our future grandchild would perform beautifully.

We were in Manhattan for Randy to attend meetings. So Jill & Eric came after work to tell us the news in person.

Both Randy & I had guessed a girl. The vote was split among immediate family members in Jill and Eric's family tree. Half of us thought girl. Half of us thought boy. Half of us were sure to be right.

But when we opened our gift, we discovered a pretty pink frame around a "photo" of a beautiful little girl. Within an hour, we had already purchased our first ruffles - with a Powercat thrown in for good measure.

You see, my beautiful new granddaughter is blessed with smart parents. They knew that first-time grandparents on both sides of the family would have trouble resisting the baby aisle. They were right.

Come January, our little lady will be coming home to this house. Randy & I spent the weekend in Topeka helping the parents-to-be unpack boxes. The other grandparents get the painting detail.

Even though we know Smalls is a "She," we don't get to discover her name yet. Jill says they have started calling her by her real name when they're home alone.

I'm keeping my ears open for an inadvertent disclosure.


  1. Congratulations! You will LOVE being a Grandma. It's the best ever!
    Sara Brockman

  2. Thanks Sara! We are sure excited!

  3. Congratulations to all! Wearing that lovely, ruffled K-State Wildcat sundress, "Smalls" will undoubtedly be the best-dressed newborn in the hospital nursery! Wonderful news, Kim!

  4. Now the fun begins. Forget trying to bypass the baby section at the store. It is impossible so just give in and tell everyone that it is your privilege being a first time grandma. You are now learning why I was so over the moon about Grace. There is no way to describe the feeling. And if you need any help doing a pink princess room, let me know. I'm the expert LOL

  5. Kim,
    I love the dress you got her. Congratulations!

  6. @ Cindy & Theresa - Yes, we couldn't resist the dress (Grandpa had a hand in the selection as well.) Say Yes to the Dress took on a whole new meaning! @Ginger - Yes, I am pretty excited about a granddaughter (though I would have been equally as excited about a grandson). What a blessing to enter this new stage of life! Thanks to everyone for the congratulations!

  7. Congratulations! Yes, it's an awesome ride! You'll fall into it naturally! Welcome to the club! Love the dress!