Thursday, August 25, 2011

By Leaps and Bounds

Either the tub is shrinking or Millie is growing.

The pile of laundry wasn't the only thing that grew while we were on vacation.

Millie seemed to have morphed from babyhood to adolescence. Well, she still acts like a puppy. That's a cross that Ralph just has to bear.

But I'm no longer worried that her little legs won't make it back to the house during our morning walks.

Here she was on June 16, her little legs pumping to keep up with Ralph.

Two months later, on August 15, she's the one keeping both Ralph and me on our toes.

It's amazing how quickly little ones grow. Our great-nephew Braden celebrated his 1st birthday last weekend.

We'll celebrate with them before the first K-State football game. (The brainwashing begins early in our family.)

And this little Miss came to visit her great-grandparents last week, so the rest of us horned in on the baby holding time. And, of course, we were also glad to see her Mommy and Daddy (because how would she have gotten there otherwise)?

Here she is modeling the latest in summer fashions for 4-month-olds while showing off the name blanket her Grandma Lisa made her.

My little Ladd or little Lady Ladd coming in January will have to do without a carefully-pieced and quilted name blanket (unless I can find someone to do it for me).

But don't think the baby will be ignored. I told Jill it was probably a good thing I didn't know whether we are adding a girl or boy to the family come January. At every gift store, I seemed to gravitate toward the baby section. My pocketbook just might have been a little lighter had I known whether to buy ruffles or camouflage at Yellowstone.

Hmmm ... I wonder if that's the reason the secret will soon be revealed. With both first-time Grandmas hanging out in the miniature clothing aisle, that appears to be a smart move, Jill and Eric.

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