Thursday, March 8, 2012

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

They look guilty, don't they? They are leaving the scene of the crime through the point of entry. It looks like they were caught red-handed.

While these two culprits may have taken advantage of the breaking and entering portal, Randy doesn't believe they are the masterminds behind the "home" invasion.

Three mornings ago, Randy noticed that a chunk of siding was gone on the wash house. A portion of a lighted Christmas tree had been pulled through the opening and dismantled. (So much for that part of my outdoor holiday display.)

The next morning, the south side of the shed was littered with debris, marking an unsuccessful bid to gain entry.

When that didn't work, the wily criminals shifted their attention to the north side of their quarry, where they vandalized our property.

The object of their shenanigans? A sack of cat food inside the wash house.

The instigator (or instigators) remain at large, despite our best efforts and a hefty investment in canned tuna.

So far, the tuna has proven irresistible to a feline friend or two. Though guilty of gluttony, we didn't make The Professor spend his life behind bars.

We have since stashed the cat food in a metal can to dissuade further breaking and entering. We have questioned the witnesses. But with their bellies full, they aren't talking.

We are thinking the robber or robbers wore a mask.

Image from wikipedia

However, our culprit has not yet been apprehended. But we are armed with additional cans of tuna and what my Grandpa Neelly would have called a humane trap. (That is another story for another day!)

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