Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Own 'B' Movie

One rainy day last week, Randy spent the afternoon watching B movies on some cable channel. Mutant ants were taking over the world.

We might be able to make our own B movie around here these days. In it, little green alfalfa weevils are invading the world - or at least our alfalfa fields.

This spring's warm temperatures have the weevils out in full force a little earlier than normal. They may not look that ferocious. But these little green worms are turning healthy alfalfa plants like these:

... into plants that have more holes than a teenager's fashionable jeans.

We aren't the only ones with the problem. When Randy walked in to the co-op yesterday morning with maps of our alfalfa fields, the co-op's spray rigs were already on the go before the official start to the work day.

Even from the road, you can see the damage caused by the weevils. The alfalfa plants appear white or silvery instead of vibrant green. If the weevils aren't controlled with an insecticide application, the foliage loss may also reduce the quantity and quality of later cuttings of alfalfa.

After last year's drought and the resulting paltry alfalfa crop, we need to do all we can to protect this year's cuttings - a primary food source for our cattle.

If all goes as planned, we will not be producing that 'B' movie, "Weevils Take Over the County Line." (Randy already finds enough weird stuff to watch on TV. Who watches polka on TV? Yep, that's right: He does. Shhhh! We won't ask him what he thinks of some of my HGTV and Food Network viewing choices.)

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  1. Oh no, Alfalfa Weevils already? They are such nasty little things.

    J finds weird tv shows also, lol! He is a fan of Jersey Shore, ???. J also gets into The Next Food Network Star as much as I do.