Wednesday, September 5, 2012

K is for K-State By Kinley Marie

K is for ...
By Kinley Marie

K is for Kinley. It says so right on my bedroom wall.
But this weekend, my Mommy and Daddy took me to my first football game, where I learned that "K" also stands for the "Kansas" in Kansas State University. And I also learned something about a couple of other letters on my bedroom wall border - the "S" and the "U." Put them all together and they spell K-S-U! Add some more letters, and we can spell K-State!

I heard those letters a whole bunch of times on Saturday. They will be a piece of cake when I get to kindergarten. My Mommy helped me learn the K-S-U cheer.
Willie the Wildcat led us in the cheer. Poor Willie has to do pushups after every touchdown and every field goal. Even though I like jumping, I was glad I didn't have to do 51 pushups.Whew!
My Mommy and Daddy are old friends of Willie's. He helped them celebrate when they got engaged at the first football game in 2008.
They have been doing this kind of dance called the Wabash Cannonball for a long time, so my Daddy helped me learn it, too. This is at the beginning when we turn side to side.
Before the game, I sat on my purple blanket and made lots of great noises on the seats. But it got too crowded. I guess there are a whole lot of people who like this thing called K-State football. 
Getting held by Grandpa gave me the chance to learn another K-State tradition:  "Good for another Wildcat - First Down!" We practiced during halftime.
This place we visited is called Bill Snyder Family Stadium.
It could be my family stadium, too. Besides my Mommy and Daddy, my Grandma and Grandpa Fritzemeier were there.

So were my Grandma and Grandpa Ladd, but I didn't get over to see them at the game this time. (But they all stayed at my house, so I got to spend some quality time with everyone.)
From another K-State game
My Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Moore and a bunch of other family members were there, too. See? They could name it the Kinley Family Stadium. I already have the "K!"

There was a whole lot of cheering, so it was kind of loud. But I didn't mind.

I liked watching the band ...
 ... and keeping time to the music.
All the action on the field made me a bit hungry. Grandpa tried to feed me frozen yogurt. Mommy said no. I thought the purple popcorn looked good. But I had sweet potatoes instead.
It was all very exciting, but I just got tuckered out singing the K-State Fight Song and the alma mater with Grandma and doing the Wabash with Daddy. So I had to take a little "Cat" nap. (That's what little Wildcats do.)
I didn't stay asleep for long. I had more people watching to do and the Wildcats needed me to cheer them on.

But, about the time the moon was coming up over the stadium, my Mommy and Daddy decided we needed to go home.

So I missed the big fireworks show, but my Grandma stayed around. Maybe I'll get to stay for the whole game the next time.
The Wildcats gave me a 51-9 victory over the Missouri State Bears for my very first football game ever. Good job, Wildcats!

The End


  1. Glad Kinley had a fun time at the K-State game! Looks like you have a Wildcat in the making.

    1. She is a 5th generation K-Stater! My Grandpa Neelly played football for K-State back in the late 1920s, early 1930s.

  2. Looks like so much fun. Wish we were closer so that our grandkids could experience a K-State weekend.

    1. It definitely was fun and will get even more so as she gets older. Maybe you can work it out sometime in the future!