New Arrival

New Arrival

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No Excuses

There's nothing like interviewing the 1938 Ohio state high school pole vault champion to put things in perspective. At age 92, he's given up using a slender little stick to propel himself skyward and over a bar hanging precariously in the air. But he still goes to the YMCA or Genesis Health Club every day.

Yes, every day!

And then there's the woman I talked to who completed a triathlon at age 79. That's 3 miles of walking/running, a half-mile swim and an 11-mile bike ride. 

It makes me tired just thinking about it.

There are days when I don't want to walk my 4 miles or exercise for an hour.  I just might be known to roll my eyes when the workout warriors on Leslie Sansone's Fat Burning exercise video smile through the entire 5 miles. Seriously, Nicki needs to turn the smile down a notch. I'm all for being pleasant, but nobody is that happy about sidesteps or kickbacks.
Then there's Audra who wears a midriff-baring workout top to show off her perfectly toned abs and arms. I would just like to tell Leslie and Audra that I know Audra didn't get those muscles by simply using the "walk away weighted balls," the "walk belt" or the "punch up your walk weighted gloves." (Still, I like Leslie and her simple steps that even this dance-challenged, 50-something exerciser can do. And you can't beat her positive attitude.)
Next time I'm tempted to grumble about my walk or my exercise DVDs, I think I'll remember Les, the pole vault champ, and Lloyda, the 79-year-old triathlete.

Good health should be its own silver lining. But a beautiful morning sky doesn't hurt either.

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