Friday, June 28, 2013

Silver Linings

I am a farm girl with a harvest birthday. My childhood birthdays had cake and homemade ice cream squeezed in at noon before we went back to the field. So my biggest birthday wish yesterday was to get lots of wheat cut.

That didn't happen.

We were broken down most of the day. Even after Randy went to Hutchinson AND Great Bend for parts, we were still out of commission. (I volunteered to go on the parts runs, but he needed to consult with the mechanical gurus in search of solutions.)

However, there were some silver linings.
  • The custom cutters arrived and began cutting over west sooner than expected. So, even though we personally cut only one combine bin yesterday, some of our crop got cut and hauled to the co-op.
  • The guys had a great lunch (if I do say so myself.) I chose enchiladas and fixings, plus frozen lemonade dessert, for my birthday meal.
  • We didn't get the hail they kept talking about on TV last evening. (I don't know whether we got damage from the winds. However, after a quick perusal of Facebook this morning, I know we are far better off than a lot of people after high winds, rain and hail pummeled other of my farm friends across the state.)
  • The skies were beautiful.
The biggest silver lining of all? This little family showed up about 9 PM last night.

I was TOTALLY surprised! I was so surprised I didn't take even one photo last evening. Even though she was almost sleep-walking tired, we could tell Kinley was looking for the usual box of toys. So Grandpa brought it upstairs and we played a little and read books before bedtime.
Now that was one big silver lining! Let's hope today brings the right part for the combine and that we're able to introduce Kinley (and Eric) to wheat harvest.


  1. HI Kim. I Enjoy Your Blog. I Am A Cousin To Randy. My Father Is Bob Foster .. Elsie (Hornbaker)Foster Who Has Passed Son.

    1. So glad to have you stop by! Yes, I remember Elsie, Ava's sister.