Friday, June 21, 2013

Summertime, And the Livin' Is ...

I noticed these pretty purple blooms among the sunflowers as I delivered my Father's Day treats to my Dad last Friday. I haven't seen them around here. I love purple and yellow together!
"Summertime and the livin' is easy" - or so says the song from Porgy and Bess

Today is the first official day of summer. Time will tell, but it also may be the first day of Wheat Harvest 2013. I don't think the song lyrics apply to wheat harvest, unless, of course, you are baby kittens lazing in the mid-afternoon heat.
Notice the one on the far left with a big old yawn!
Randy plans to do some test cutting today. We'll see if the wheat is as ready as he is.  
Our golden waves of grain provide a pretty spectacular backdrop this time of year. But even the ditches are ready for their close-ups, especially with nice little rain showers (another 0.40" earlier this week).
I noticed Katherine's day lilies blooming in the backyard for the first time yesterday.
The trumpet vine (a gift from my husband) is painting orange against a bright blue summer sky on my backyard windmill ...

... just in time to greet the summer.  Ah, summertime. The livin' may not be easy. But it sure is pretty.

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