Thursday, June 19, 2014

Me and My Shadow: Kansas Wheat Harvest Style

"Me and my shadow, my shadow and me.
"We're always together, as close as can be."

The song from "Peter Pan" playing in my head was accompanied by the rhythm created by the combine's reel and the occasional beep from the machine's monitor as we rumbled through the wheat field.
Snapshot Kansas' Tuesday assignment this week is "Harvest." I figured I could show a few different views of harvest, since I have an inside connection with a handsome combine driver.
He chauffeured me through the field and I tried to take non-typical photos to share.
The combine stairs and platform formed a pretty red frame for a snapshot of our amber waves of grain.
I'd like to say harvest is in our rearview mirror. I guess it is, in a manner of speaking, if this photo is any indication.
But, in reality, we've just gotten started. I just might have lots of opportunities to post to Snapshot Kansas this week.


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