Friday, June 6, 2014

Snapshot Kansas - Moisture

August 2012
This week's challenge on Snapshot Kansas is "moisture." We got 0.30" of rain yesterday morning, and every little bit helps. However, we certainly didn't have any scenes like sunset clouds reflected in  puddles along our dirt road. Those have been few and far between as Kansas has experienced drought at every corner for the past four years.
May 2014
My best "moisture" photo from this spring doesn't qualify for Snapshot Kansas. It was taken in Oklahoma City, where a planned outdoor wedding moved inside because of rain. We Kansas people watched the radar and wished we could send it home.

So, I searched the archives to come up with some "moisture" photos.
April 2012
The color version of this dew-glistening wheat stalk is blown up to 16- by 20-inch canvas size in my living room. It's part of a "To everything there is a season" photo grouping.
Photo by P.J. Griekspoor, Kansas Farmer magazine, Master Farmer-Homemaker article
It's my "Spring" photo. I like it in black and white, too. I haven't had many opportunities to re-enact these dewy photos this spring.
April 2012
Since I'm not a gardener, I have to find water features in other people's gardens, like on the Stafford Garden Tour a couple years ago ...
June 2012 - Stafford Garden Tour - Sherre Mawhirter's garden
... or during one of our visits to Botanica in Wichita.
March 2011 - Botanica
But even this non-gardener can find moisture on early morning walks. It just means opening my eyes to the beauty. 
May 2013 - a foggy morning
God's garden is well-tended ... without any help from me.
April 2011
August 2010
August 2010
Here's praying there will be more opportunities to take "moisture" photos this summer.

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