Monday, June 23, 2014

We Now Interrupt This Program

"We now interrupt our regularly scheduled program." Remember hearing those words as you were watching your favorite television show as a kid? It always seemed like it was at a crucial moment. You know, like wondering, "Will the Coyote finally catch the Road Runner? And I'm going to miss it because the president needs to tell us something?"
In some ways, you feel like that when there's a rain during wheat harvest. We got 0.70" of rain here at home yesterday evening, where we were cutting wheat. We'll see if we got more or less at other locations where we still have wheat to cut. (We are nowhere close to being done.)

Earlier in the day, the clouds dotted a bright blue sky and made for a beautiful Sunday afternoon ride.
The sky provided a picturesque backdrop as we approached the Zenith branch of the Kanza Co-op to take a load of wheat.
But, by 6:30 or so, Randy was racing to get as much cut as he could before the skies opened up.
It sure made for a pretty backdrop for the golden wheat. You have to look at the bright side, right?
Even more importantly, the rain gave the corn a good drink of water at just the right time. Some of the corn is tasseling. The rain and the cooler temperatures forecast for the beginning of this week should make for good growing conditions for the corn and for the alfalfa.


  1. Rain makes grain and grain makes whisky.

    1. I believe I have heard that lyric on a country song. Thanks for visiting Kim's County Line today.