Thursday, October 23, 2014

I Brake for Photos

4th Street Road, rural Reno County, near Huntsville

Yesterday, the administrator of Snapshot Kansas on Facebook posed this question:

Am I the only one who drives down the street framing things 
to see if a perfect photo is there for the taking?

When you ask that question of a bunch of amateur and professional photographers, you can imagine the responses. Here was mine:
How many times did I stop between home and Hutch yesterday (Tuesday) on 4th Street Road to take photos of the sunrise? Probably 4. Thankfully, it's not usually a busy road. (And, by the way, I still made it to the meeting on time.)
 I made it to that meeting on time.
I must confess I was a few minutes late to choir practice last night.
My rainbow photos didn't turn out that great (if I compare to others' renditions from last evening), but I was glad to witness it anyway.
And then I just had to stop again when I saw a neighbor's irrigation system silhouetted by a storm- cloud-studded sunset.

I was only a couple of minutes late ... really. Sorry, Mac!


  1. "I stop for photos" I am so happy you do:) Hug B

    1. It's an affliction, isn't it? But it's not a bad one!

  2. Awesome photos!! I love sunrises and sunsets - by far my most favourite time of day to be out with the camera.

    1. I love seeing your sunrises and sunsets from Down Under, too!