Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kinley: What Is That About?

Hello, all! It's me again, Kinley, reporting from Manhattan, Kansas, the home of the Kansas State Wildcats. This past weekend, I went to my first football game of the 2014 season. I got to wear my cheerleading outfit for the first time. (My Grandma Kim got it for me from her friend, Vi, before I was even born! That was a long time ago, since I am 2 years and almost 10 months now.)

My Uncle Brent lives west of the stadium, so my family thought it was a good idea to walk. It was a long way. I walked myself for awhile, but then Daddy carried me. My little sister, Brooke, is too little to walk at all. So Mommy carried her the whole way. What a deal!
Actually, I wouldn't have minded stopping to play in the leaves for a little bit, but we had places to be and people to meet.
One of those people was Willie the Wildcat. He was at a wedding reception tailgate that I went to with my Daddy's family.
I was a little intimidated. It's not every day you meet a superstar like Willie. I must confess: My cousin, Hannah, seemed to like him better than I did.

Then it was time to go to Bill Snyder Family Stadium and find my Grandma Kim and Grandpa Randy. I wasn't so sure about all the people and all the noise at first.
I like music, so I liked watching the band. My Daddy has been working with me on my rendition of the K-S-U Fight Song, so I knew how to sing along."Glory into combat for the purple and the white..." and all that!
That Willie is one busy guy. He got the stadium in time to lead us all in the K-S-U Wildcats cheer.
Then he led the team onto the field before the game. I guess I'd run fast too, if all those big football boys were behind me!
I saw lots of flags. I know my letters, but I don't know what things spell. My Grandma said that they spelled out K-State and one said Family. Hey, I guess they knew I was there with my family!
I have lots of questions. My favorite way to ask about things is to say, "What is that about?"

I wondered about lots of things ...
What was about that girl carrying water bottles to those guys? (The referees).
What were those boys doing? (Playing football, kicking the football, catching the football)
What was about that boy running onto the football field? (He was getting the football tee off the field after kickoff).
What were those girls in blue doing? (Dancing with the band.)
Why was that guy wearing horns on his head? (He was a poor, misguided Texas Longhorn fan, my Grandma told me.) I told her he was silly.  She agreed.
When I saw the cheerleaders, I had to get out my pompon, too.
Daddy taught me how to say, "Good for a Wildcat First Down!"

I guess Grandpa taught me about that at the first game I went to in 2012, but I'd forgotten since then (even though my Mommy says I don't forget much).
My Grandma kept trying to take pictures of me. Daddy and Uncle Brent smiled. I was too busy shaking my pompon. Priorities, people! There was a game to cheer for!
Even if it's a loud place, it's a pretty fun place to be, I decided.
After the halftime show, I had to go back to Uncle Brent's for a nap. A girl has to get her beauty rest.
Brooke and Mommy didn't get to go to the ballgame. I'm sure they were glad to see me. Brooke had her K-State outfit on, too, but she didn't have a pompon. 
When Grandma got back to Uncle Brent's, she tried to get Brooke to smile. I guess Brooke didn't feel like it. So Grandma had to borrow a smiling picture that Mommy took. Maybe next time, Grandma!
While we waited for supper, I explored Uncle Brent's backyard. He has his own clubhouse, kind of like a Micky Mouse clubhouse. My Daddy and I went down there to explore.

We found a bucket of toys down there. Uncle Brent didn't even know they were there. You're welcome, Uncle Brent. Glad I could help. Everyone needs more toys to play with.

It was a good day in Manhattan, Kansas!
Until next time,
Kinley Marie

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