Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kim's Taxi Service

Kim's Taxi Service:  
Moving food, fuel, fertilizer and fellas. 
On call, 24 hours a day. 
Short distances are our specialty.

I've added fertilizer retrieval to the to-do list this week. With Jake disking corn ground and Randy drilling wheat, Kim's Taxi Service has again been called into action.

The working conditions aren't spic and span. But the scenery is a great fringe benefit.
This is our version of a country traffic jam. I had to wait to weigh onto the scales at the Zenith branch of the Kanza Co-op. Then, I pulled the pickup and the fertilizer tank onto the scales for an "empty" weight. I went into the office and asked for 950 gallons of 19-17. For the uninitiated, it may seem I'm speaking a foreign language. Maybe even a math language. (But if you know me, you'd know that would be an anomaly!)

The 19-17 stands for 19 percent nitrogen and 17 percent phosphorus. This starter fertilizer will give the 2015 wheat crop a boost. It's applied by the planter, right next to the seed kernels.
I pulled the trailer into the fertilizer building.
The co-op guys hooked up a hose from the storage tanks at the co-op to the "nurse" tank that I would pull back to the field. I handed them a ticket that tells them what fertilizer I'm there to pick up and how much to put in.
Then, there's time to visit, check my phone or wander around and take photos.
I don't usually use an HDR setting on my photos, but I liked it on this one.

After the tank was full, I pulled around to the scales and weighed the pickup and tank again, giving the full weight. That way, the co-op knows how much to bill us. I wish I could skip that step, but, alas, it's not possible. How else would I get a manilla-envelope-sized "letter" from the co-op each month?
Then, it was back to the field, slow and steady. There are no speed records set on these trips (which, I admit, is a little different from normal for me.)
We weren't the only ones planting in our neighborhood. (See the other seed wheat truck at the corner.) Thankfully, they did not hire Kim's Taxi Service for their fertilizer, mealtime or moving needs. I had enough to keep me busy. 
The guys transferred the fertilizer I've brought from the co-op to the tank on the drill, as they needed it.
Once all the fertilizer had been transferred from the nurse tank to the drill, it was time for a repeat trip to the co-op.

Kim's Taxi Service again ready for action. Cheap AND dependable!


  1. Love the "taxi" service idea, Kim. It made me chuckle this morning. Drive and work safe.

    I'm headed to Rapid City later this morning for the SD Woman in Ag conference!

    1. You get to go this year, unlike last year when a blizzard was coming. Enjoy it!

  2. Dependable, the key word there....
    I like the taxi idea...

    1. That's the closest we're going to get to a taxi around here. I think the next closest would be 45 miles away. :-)