Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hide and Seek

As I dashed out of the house to run an errand for Randy, I glanced to my left and saw four little kittens nestled in the crevice between the house and the back steps.

And when I got back there were 11. YES, 11!
I texted a photo to the kids and sent it in an email to my Mom, but by the next time I looked, not a single one remained. Two litters of kittens are playing hide and seek. Or maybe it's their mothers. I need a scorecard!
I found some hiding in the window well.
 A few were more clever at hiding behind the screen mesh for a little camouflage.
Some had moved by their mom for a snack.
Others were hanging out by the cat food bowl. Maybe they were waiting on their mother, too.
Randy's mission is to tame some of these kitties so they can make their way to my parents' farm in Pratt County. It's a mission he is always glad to accept.
He already had a good start with a kitty we named Fluffy. (Or maybe it was Fuzzy. It depends on which one of us you ask.)
At this time, Fluffy (AKA Fuzzy) is nowhere to be found.
And this big guy isn't talking.


  1. Kittens. The word strikes fear in my heart. I had 4, gave away one. Three to go. Can't give them away with a $20 bill tied to their tails. I have a ton of cats (20+?), with all females fixed.....except ONE. Darned promiscuous kitty, she had those darned kittens and now I can't catch her up to get her fixed. She's already catting around again, ugh. If you're in the SouthWest Georgia area, please see me about a kitten!! Yours are really, really cute though. :)

  2. they are the cutest! great photos!