Thursday, September 24, 2015

Kitty Wrangling

Kinley is still talking about fishing with Grandpa during her recent visit to the farm. Brooke doesn't talk much, but I'm thinking that kitty wrangling would probably top her list. (That may be because Grandma held onto her during fishing so she wouldn't go swimming in the pond!)
Grandpa Randy and Grandma Christy (Eric's mom) believe it's a genetic predisposition to love cats. (It evidently skipped the girls' parents' generation, and, let's face it, mine, too.)
Brooke spent a lot of time moving the dry cat food to the milk. Who doesn't like a little milk on their cereal?
But she also liked chasing ...
and patting the kittens.
So did her big sister.
It made Grandpa Randy very happy.
Kinley named the gray kitty Smoky. He was very, very patient with the girls. So when it was time to round up some kitties to take to Great Grandma and Grandpa Moore's house, we made sure Smoky wasn't along for the ride.
My parents needed to replenish their farm cat population. As you can see, we had some to spare.
Randy is always willing to be their supplier.
For several days, he fed the cats in the cardboard box. Last week, on the same trip to the Pratt sale barn, we took another kind of livestock to Pratt County - kitties! There are no photos of getting the kitties in the box, since it required all hands on deck to get the kittens to stay in the box and get the box taped up. (Yes, for all you animal people out there, there were holes in the box and plenty of food.)

Upon arrival, we found that we had five kittens in the box. Randy was hoping we'd rounded up a few more, but, as I said, we just got what we could with the least amount of blood shed. (Randy was the only one with a war wound. No kittens were harmed in this operation.)

One seemed a little traumatized by the experience, but he has since loosened his grip on the top of the cage, my parents report.
The four others were perfectly happy in their new abode. My folks kept them in the cage for a few days until they could get used to their new surroundings.
There is no guarantee issued with this livestock from the County Line, but we are all hopeful that they develop a taste for barnyard mice to go along with their daily cat food allotment. 


  1. Ugh. I said it aloud while reading your post. I too have kitties, and I can pet about 95% of them. Only one unfixed female left, and she did what she does best. Sigh.... Three kittens to give away now and I have GOT to catch up that darned female and either fix her (responsible) or give her to my far down the road neighbor who said he didn't care (irresponsible). At last count I am at around 21 and they all are gorgeous and too well-cared for. Hence the big sigh....

    1. Good for you! Good luck catching the mama - no matter which route you take!