May morning after rain

May morning after rain

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sunflower Sunrise

The sun hadn't yet made an appearance as I walked toward the corrals. Randy went to get the trailer, giving me time to enjoy the sky and the coolness of the morning. I knew it wouldn't be long before the blast furnace of summer in Kansas would roar in on the wind.
So, I drank in the pink-tinged morning just before the sun burst through the cloud-strewn sky. 
Even a manure-strewn lot can look like a painting on just such a morning.
It was time to move the 25 heifers from the pasture south of our house back to the Palmer Pasture, the reverse of the job we'd done in early July.
We rotate those pasture locations in order to sustain and nourish that number of animals all summer. The heifers will deliver their first County Line babies at the end of January and the first part of February, so they have an important job to do.
Once we had them gathered, Randy backed up the trailer for their short chauffeured ride.
It took us three trips to get all the "ladies" situated.

 They didn't appear to be complaining about the accommodations. 
Neither was I. This is a job with fringe benefits.
I may not collect a paycheck.
 But I get paid in everyday beauty. And the company's not bad either.

Note: We moved heifers last week. I'll have more from our weekend later this week, but I took yesterday off from writing after a big K-State football season opener, followed by Brooke's 1st birthday and baptism celebrations. What a fun weekend!


  1. Your payment for your day's work is immeasurable. The last photo is surely worth the work. Love it!

    1. Yes, it's my favorite, too! (Of course, I didn't show all the other ones that didn't turn out so well. But I'm sure you are well aware of that phenomenon!)