Thursday, December 22, 2016

Being the Light: Radiate the Glow

Taken at Evening Aglow at Stutzman's Greenhouse, Pleasantview, December 2, 2016

A Time to Act

Radiate the glow of Christmastime.
I opened the email devotional and read the words. I saved them for later, thinking I'd use the tidbit somehow with some Christmas light photos.

But several days later, as I read the words again, I thought maybe there was a deeper message there. I don't think the devotional is talking about the "glow" I get as I stand over the stove making even more Christmas treats.

Honestly, as the days get closer to Christmas, I'm probably not "glowing" ... unless it's a little sweat or (I hate to admit it) from that little dose of bad temper. I have a hard time meeting expectations, especially my own.

Do I have the right number of gifts? Does everyone get their favorite Christmas treat? Have I given enough to the plethora of good causes? For someone who already struggles with perfectionism, Christmas is the ultimate stressor.

Instead of celebrating hope, joy, love and peace, too often I'm frazzled. So, maybe I ought to take a little time to enjoy the Light - the true light.
One of my first stops for the day is turning on the Christmas lights in the living room. After my devotional time, I take off my glasses and sit there a few minutes. My nearsightedness comes in handy at that time: There's a fantasy quality to those blurred lights.
From the archives when the tree actually was "pre-lit" and uniform!
But my other "nearsightedness" is not so attractive. Sometimes, in my focus on getting things done, I let the pressure build up to boiling. Nobody wants to be "near" me then.

This was the devotional in its entirety:

Glory to God in the highest, 
and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:14

A Time to Think

May peace be your gift at Christmas
and your blessing all year through!
–Author Unknown

A Time to Act

Radiate the glow of Christmastime.

A Time to Pray

Lord, help me to find the place where You can use me best.
Hmmmm ... good will toward men. That doesn't sound like a short temper or an exasperated sigh, does it?

Sometimes, the peace may mean coming to a stop. It's usually worth it, like the other night on the way to Hutchinson. Sometimes, the prettiest Christmas lights of all are au naturel. 
Watching a sunset is a natural lesson in not letting moments pass you by. The sky changes - practically in 30-second intervals as more light leaches from the horizon.
We were on our way to watch a magic show in Hutchinson. I didn't really think I had time. But I knew Randy wanted to go, so we did.
The Fox Theatre seemed all dressed for Christmas, but it didn't have to do anything other than celebrate its natural beauty. I think there's a lesson there, too!
Our kids arrive tonight for our little family celebration tomorrow. Soon, the packages will be unwrapped. The treats will be consumed. It likely won't be perfect. But may I radiate God's love rather than my perfect agenda. Then it truly will be tidings of great joy and peace on earth, good will toward men.


  1. Happy Christmas Kim. Enjoy every special moment with your family.

    1. Thanks, Helen! We had a great time!I hope you were able to do the same.

  2. May you have a wonderful Christmas Kim.

    1. You, too, Lynda. I can't imagine having Christmas fall during harvest and our busy time of the year on the farm. I hope you were able to enjoy it anyway!

  3. I enjoy your introspection--and identify with your worries. Your blog is always an inspiration. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Tiny Town!

    1. Thanks, Mrs. E!Enjoy your time away from school!(For the record, I didn't do as well reflecting the light yesterday as I should have. Being tired doesn't help. I'll try and do better today!)