Thursday, October 4, 2018

Big Sky Country - Kansas Style!

Montana claims to be Big Sky Country.
I won't dispute their claim, but I think Kansas gave Montana a run for its money yesterday in the sky department.

When I came back from helping Randy, I noticed the sky and took a detour to the milo field to take a photo of the ripened grain against the spectacular backdrop.
Sunset over a neighbor's CRP hay
A little while later, I was still working in my basement office when Randy called to tell me the sunset was pretty. Now that's love - taking time to call me in the midst of planting wheat ahead of a storm.
Sunset over Peace Creek
He didn't spend a lot of time talking about it. He knows how quickly these things change. Sunsets don't wait for things like shutting down computers and such nonsense.
A neighbor's windmill
The cattle came to see what I was doing.
 Hey, guys! You're turned the wrong way! You're missing the light show! (And the photographer should have used the flash - ah well!)
This morning, before I downloaded last evening's photos, I opened my Guideposts email devotional and saw this message:

A Time to Act

Recognize that true gifts of life come 
from moments shared and beauty witnessed—
laughter with loved ones, a glorious sunrise, a rainbow after a storm.

A Time to Pray

Dear Lord, all the treasure of the world is already mine—
not to own, but to cherish and share. Thank you!
Good advice indeed!
Zenith Road, looking north

We got 1.80" of rain from those storm clouds, so our wheat planting has come to a temporary halt. I guess we won't feel guilty about going to Stafford's 29th Oktoberfest this weekend.


  1. Just brilliant - loving husband, sunset, rainfall and an Oktoberfest to attend. Enjoy! I know you will be rejoicing.

  2. That is love indeed! What a stunning backdrop! Your crop is looking really good.

    1. It will be awhile before we can get to it. We've had between 7.10-8.4 inches of rain since last Friday. I hesitate to complain, since you're in the midst of a drought. But we have way too much all at once.