Thursday, October 11, 2018

Want Ads: Pontoon Needed

Farm Want Ads: Pontoons for car.
Fairy Want Ads: A dry basement
Farm Wife Ads: A dry basement and a dry utility room.

Right now, my only viable mode of transportation to the north is the 4-wheel-drive pickup. There's too much water in the road for my low-to-the-ground car.
As far as the basement goes, both Randy's Fairyland for the girls (and himself) and my basement have water in them. The Tupperware bowl that catches rain in our leaky utility room is now dry, but it was emptied multiple times during the deluge of 9.7 to 11 inches of rain we received. (Our employee says we got 12 inches at his house. I believe it after seeing all the water.)
As I said in my post earlier this week, Peace Creek was out of its banks north of our farm headquarters. However, we couldn't get there without going around the section. Rushing water has washed out part of the road.

Randy took the top photo below on Wednesday morning. 
 By Wednesday afternoon at 5:30, the water had receded some. 
Water had been over the road Wednesday morning, but, south of the bridge, only the ruts were left behind yesterday afternoon.
 Peace Creek was still up along the Zenith Road, too, and water still flowed over the road.
Sea gulls have been abundant around here. Who came blame them? We have "sea to shining sea" right in the middle of the Plains.
Jill's father-in-law Alan (and our friend) sent this after we sent them a photo of our roads:
Alan, who works for Iowa Extension, said Iowa farmers were thinking this might be a viable way to harvest fall crops still in the field.

I wonder if he has a pontoon for cars.


  1. Oh no, what a horrible flooded mess! I'm sorry! This year has been hard.

    1. You take the bad with the good ... and I have a LOT of good. Thanks, Alica!

  2. Mother nature is truely laughing at her games at present. Super storms cells have been bringing much needed rain to parts of SE Queensland over the past 2 days but in so doing she has thrown in devastating wind and hail. And of course, your Michael has wrecked havoc on Florida. I hope the rest of autumn is kind to you.

    1. Some snow is in the forecast over the weekend here. I doubt it will amount to much, but it's kind of early for that. I wish your Australian rains hadn't come with hail. Thanks for sending the photos via email.