Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Walkin' In a Winter Wonderfand

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?
In the lane, snow is glistening ...
Walking in a winter wonderland.
Now wait just a minute! Shouldn't we be humming "Autumn Leaves" right about now?
The calendar says October, but it felt more like December for a little while on Sunday night and Monday morning.
The weird weather continues. We had another 0.90" of rain during the day on Sunday. Then huge, wet snowflakes began tumbling down Sunday evening (October 14).
After another glum day, we were glad to see the sun come up on Monday morning. The Sunday rainfall brought our total to almost 13 inches of rain in just a little more than a week.

The snow didn't stick around for long. But it made for unusual photos since most of the leaves are still on the trees.
While I couldn't find records for Stafford County, the National Weather Service said Wichita's earliest measurable snowfall until this fall was 1888. On average, Wichita can expect its first measurable snowfall around December 2, with that chance increasing to 90 percent by January 1. Last year, we didn't get any snow at all here on the Stafford/Reno County line.
Jill's in-laws had given us homegrown pumpkins and gourds when we were in Manhattan for the K-State/Oklahoma State game.
Our Sunday night snowfall put a little "frost on the pumpkin" and seemed to confuse Oreo the cat.
The vine on our house had more icicles than it had fall-colored leaves.
The temperature is supposed to rebound this week. By week's end, we may push 70 degrees. I just hope it doesn't include any more rain. We are still drying out from the last round, and it's going to take awhile.
With milo to cut and more wheat to plant (or re-plant), we're not ready to "swing" totally into winter.


  1. And the weird weather continues...
    The snow sure is pretty, though! I saw pictures of snow this week in Hesston as well. I was hoping Jenna had taken her winter coat along with her when she left here in August!

    1. I hope she did, too. However, the mercury is supposed to go back up this week. We'll see what comes next!

  2. Yes the weird weather continues. Last year at this time we had unusually high 35/36C - 95/96 F. Unusually this year we have had 17 / 19 C max's - 62 /66F.
    I hope the snow damage isn't too great. For this tropical Aussie girl it looks magical.

    1. I like the more moderate temperatures, and that's what is on the agenda the rest of this week, at least during the day. The earlier freeze means we won't get another cutting of alfalfa, but the snow did a lot less damage than our deluge of rain. We are still waiting on things to dry out, and we've reserved some additional seed wheat to replant. We'll see what happens.