Spring Dew

Spring Dew

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Picture Day

Remember picture day at school? Back in the 1960s, you wore your favorite dress, which your mom probably made at home. Your mom rolled your hair in rollers or pin curls the night before so that you had those tight rolls of curls right next to your head. Your bangs threatened to crawl right up into the crown of your head.

For my very first school photo at Byers Grade School, I'm sure my hair was in place when I left home. However, the school photographers used to pass out these little combs before it was our turn to climb up into the portrait chair. Being the little rule follower I was, I probably tried to use that comb to "fix" my hair. I "fixed it" all right.

Experience is a good teacher:  I seem to recall telling Jill not to use the comb so conveniently provided before Lifetouch photos at school.  As I was wandering around in the corral the other day, I couldn't help but think about taking class photos. 

So, here are some from the County Line Class of 2021. (Of course, it always seem to be "picture day" on the County Line, so it's likely there will be "retakes" along the way.

You've already seen the first class member to arrive, but she's so cute, I couldn't resist showing her  again.

Even though there are several black and white faces in the corral, I'll always be able to identify her with her stylish yellow "earring." No. 100 designates that she was the first calf born in 2021. 
The first number of the eartag designates the birth year. 


You know that classmate who was invariably out of line on the way to the lunch room, where the school photographer was set up? No. 104 found its way to the "lunch room," all right. 

Some classmates are wiggly and can't sit still for their photos either.  


But others are ready for their close-ups. 
You know those people with the "if you've got it, flaunt it" attitude?


Those professional photographers always want to see a little attitude. No. 103 has that in spades.


Others have that "I'm king of the mountain!" attitude. (You know there was at least one in your class.)

This little gal got a little carried away with the "eye shadow." You know those people who end up with raccoon eyes. Tragic, No. 109!


Accessories always make a picture pop. That red feed bunk is just the right one.


Sometimes, you'd rather take a nap than get gussied up and pose.

There are helicopter parents in every classroom, right?

And sometimes you'd rather hide from the camera lens. 


I can relate!


Did this guy think the snow camouflaged him? You'll have to do better than that, little one!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! We have a pretty photogenic bunch!

  2. Love them all. Clever you.
    I think you look the sweetest, happiest little girl in your 1st class photo. Having gone to a one teacher school and then a two teacher school in my primary school years, I only have one school photo. Ugh, short hair with two big bows at the front.

    1. My first four years of school, I attended a school just 3 1/2 miles away from our farm home. There were 3 people in my class, counting myself. However, there were two classes to each classroom and teacher. Most of my elementary school photos feature the short bangs!