Small Town Christmas

Small Town Christmas

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love Hurts

Love hurts. Especially when you're a kitty and a toddler is around.

A Facebook friend just posted a photo of her little sister "hugging" a kitty. I immediately thought about the snapshot I had of Jill similarly "loving" a kitty to the point of suffocation.

It must run in the family. Our niece Emily showed Jill-like holding skills a few years ago. (Before anyone out there calls the Humane Society, these kittens and other similarly-loved kittens over the years survived and thrived and no doubt reproduced.)

Brent had a kinder, gentler approach to his chokehold ... uh, hug.

Fritzemeier Farms has produced more than its share of kittens over the years. The cat crop may be the most prolific reproduction level around the place. In proportion, it outpaces the cow-calf herd.

Of course, my cat-loving husband doesn't think you can ever have too many felines.

These are the latest additions. They are offspring of a mom who would prefer to have nothing to do with humans - except at chow time, of course. Randy is doing his best to rehabilitate the trio and make them people friendly.

I personally think in-breeding has affected the cuteness level of our cats. They are kind of a muddle of colors.

But all kittens are cute at this stage.

The downside? They grow up. And they aren't nearly as cute when that happens.

The upside? They keep the mice at bay. For me, that's the way they earn their keep around here.

I now have the Rod Stewart song, "Love Hurts," stuck firmly in my brain. Just in case you want it there, too, here's a Youtube version.

I know it has nothing to do with cats. What can I say? That's how my brain works.


  1. I am not a cat lover. We always had them on the farm when I was a kid. My sister lugged them around like your kids did. I had very little to do with them. They kind of freak me out--and I'm not sure why!!

  2. I prefer our dog, Ralph. Big Cat (Randy's favorite) always seems to be giving me the evil eye!

  3. Both little fists!!! Wow!! What an adorable picture!! I remember that but had fogotten it. I would like to comment further but Emily keeps deleting as I type!! We love it!!

  4. "loving" a kitty to the point of suffocation?

    1. As I mentioned in the post, all these kittens survived and thrived. We certainly didn't let the "hugging" go on long enough to hurt the cats.