Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Late Arrival

We welcomed a new arrival to the County Line last week.

Most of our calf crop arrives in late February through March. This little guy took his own sweet time in increasing the calf population at Fritzemeier Farms.

"Dr." Fritz was called into service after we arrived home from Manhattan. Randy gave the new baby a vaccination to prevent blackleg.

As usual, it would be good if my camera had video capacity. Then I could treat you all to images of the track meet required for Randy to capture the baby.

I could also have the sound effects from a mama cow who wasn't thrilled to have her baby undergoing a medical procedure. She was definitely a nervous mom, pacing the "waiting room" while baby got a needed shot.

You always have to watch the mama out of the corner of your eye. A 1,100-pound mama can definitely throw her weight around if she doesn't like what she's seeing.

But, all's well that ends well. The mama gave the baby a nudge ...

And, with the medical procedure over, mama and baby joined the rest of the herd.

It's been a mini population boom. We've had two more heifer calves in the past couple of days. But their medical appointments will wait until the weekend, when we have a move to the big pasture scheduled.

More on the this rite of spring later in the week!

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  1. Cows fascinate me. In many ways they remind me of people! That herd instinct!