Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tactical Error

I made a tactical error yesterday. I listened to the National Weather Service.

You see, the powers that be at NWS said Central Kansas was going to have wind gusts up to 45 MPH all day long. (Unfortunately, I led my loyal listeners of KFRM 550 AM radio astray as well since I reported this supposed fact on my daily Central Kansas report. I guess that's what I get for trying to play meteorologist.)

So, yesterday morning, I again chose my trusty treadmill for my stroll (if you can call walking at 5 MPH a stroll).

Anyway, I ran out of time before I could get my hour of walking in, fix dinner and get to school on time for my accompanying gig.

When I went outside to my car, I discovered the National Weather Service was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong! It was a beautiful day. Wind speeds were much lower than they had been both Saturday and Monday, when Jill & I walked outside around the section.

Did I take advantage of this lovely day and walk when I got home? No, I decided I should cross a bunch of other stuff off my to-do list first.

Around 6:30, I went out to finish my walk. And about the time I got to the end of the windbreak, the wind shifted and started roaring out of the north. Since I was headed south on the County Line, that was OK ... for awhile.

And then I turned around. I found out the Weather Service was partially right. I'm sure the wind was blowing at 45 MPH at that point.

I can think of a bunch of negatives regarding my evening walk - a stuffy nose from all the pollen blowing around, eyes full of grit and grime, a wind-whipped hair-do - just to name a few.

I finally thought of a positive. I HAD to have burned more calories as I plowed my way back toward home.

Now there's a happy thought.

I soon had another indicator of just how windy it was. Randy had gone to league night at the Stafford golf course. He came home soon after I powered my way back to the house (Of course, he couldn't have been a few minutes earlier and rescued me).

I knew it was windy if Randy had chosen to leave the golf course prematurely.

Ah, Kansas in the springtime!


  1. I feel the need to defend my NWS brethren! (Used to be a meteorologist, you know!) That front could have come through at any time, and in fact DID come through earlier even just 30 miles north in Great Bend. I love spring time in Kansas... It's more exciting than sports to a self-professed weather geek like me.

    Glad you made it home ok!

  2. You are so right, Jeff! We love to blame the weatherman, don't we? That's a favorite thing spring, summer, winter or fall, isn't it? Sorry to perpetuate the stereotype. Springtime in Kansas is never boring - whether it's the weather, working baby calves or something else. Today's arctic blast is another shock to the system. Thanks for commenting!

  3. It was windy here all day yesterday! Cold today at recess!