Friday, June 11, 2010

Breaking Ground

While the wheat crop on the County Line is nearing harvest, another crop is just emerging. Randy planted milo last week, and the tender green plants are just starting to peek out of the ground to face the hot, windy days of summer.

The brown of the freshly tilled and planted fields is starting to form a small green line down the middle as the seeds sprout and break through.

But even though my farmer husband sees the miracle every season, he's like a little kid waiting for a present. In the time between planting and emergence, we reduce speed to a slow crawl as we pass the fields and he peers down the rows for that first glimmer of green.

It's like having a front row seat to a miracle every time you consider putting a hard, small seed in the ground and then having the bright green sprig of new life spring up.

Surprisingly, there was even more green in the milo fields this year. We are usually "red" people around here. Randy operates Case tractors, but he bought a John Deere planter at a farm auction this spring. It took me back to my farm roots, which were decidedly "green." He had good consulting help from my brother and dad.

I guess the difference between "red" and "green" is more family tradition than anything. It's kind of like using the same kind of flour or laundry detergent that your mom used. And she probably used it because her mom did. And the tradition continues.

But we broke with tradition during milo planting time this year with our new planter. (It was new to us - not really new.)

I rode a round with Randy and got this shot of the field through the tractor windshield. It's like a blank canvas, waiting for that splash of color to brighten it up.

So the cycle of life continues on the County Line. Stayed tuned for reports from wheat harvest 2010, probably beginning as soon as next week. Randy is always ready for harvest - his favorite time on the farm. Me? I've got a few things to cross off my to-do list, including a stint as snack lady at Vacation Bible School next week. But I don't think harvest will wait on me. Ready or not - here it comes!


  1. "New to us" is how we buy most big purchases, too. Growing up on the farm, I never ever rode in a cab on a tractor--our tractors didn't have them. I could work on my tan that way!! : )

  2. I know nothing about farming but have taken a few Ag classes and had it drilled into my brain to have Residues. Do you guys to that? I really know nothing just a curous question. As stated before I've learned more from your blog (which I plugged at my sister's wedding) than in class!!!

  3. We do a combination of minimum till and conventional tillage. Some farmers have gone to no-till. We don't currently have the equipment to do that. Plus, we graze cattle on crop residues (milo stalks, volunteer wheat, wheat pasture). Before we can then plant the next crop, we have to work the ground to break up the compaction caused by the livestock. THANKS for the plug for my blog! I'll have to hire you as my PR agent, Kt!

  4. I do not believe that my borhter mentioned that the new tractor was GREEN! What is the world coming to????!!!! Just kidding. Dave drools over green lawn tracotrs every time we go to Lowes.

  5. The tractor isn't green. It's the planter. That would be too much, wouldn't it?

  6. My mistake!! I should read more carefully!! Just in a hurry to get out of the basement and back up to civlilization!!