Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Little Guilty

I must admit: I felt a little guilty playing tourist in Omaha while our hosts were off making a buck. But I guess there have been plenty of times in our collective lives when I've been the one working and the other two have been playing (Consider the cleaning of a wedding reception site while the aforementioned two were jetting their way to a honeymoon).

So, I got over my guilt fairly quickly.

But then it recurred when we visited Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo. Jill has loved zoos and aquariums since she was a little girl. This place had both. Thankfully, Jill & Eric had already made a visit to the zoo, so at least I wasn't seeing it first.

The gorillas were a favorite stop. This one looked like "The Thinker" as he chomped his breakfast.

We weren't just looking at the gorillas. They were looking at us.

This guy made a couple of little girls jump when he slammed himself onto an observation dome and startled them. I don't think he was mad - just curious.

But my favorite place was the Butterfly and Insect Pavilion. Randy had to find a place to sit while I looked for butterflies who weren't just hanging out by the windows.


I also captured a hummingbird at the pavilion. OK, I didn't really "capture" it, but I thought it was pretty good to get this guy on "film." They are fast!

This iris in the Garden of the Senses was heavy with a shower from a sprinkler. I wasn't complaining when I got sprinkled a little myself.

And here we are in the Rain Forest (or as close as we will probably ever get).

If Omaha is in consideration for your summer vacation, we give the zoo two thumbs up.

Our friend gives it two big ears up.

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