Saturday, June 5, 2010

The End - For Now

Remember the old joke about tourists boring their friends and relatives to death by subjecting them to an evening of slides reviewing every aspect of their trip to Timbuktu ... to Europe ... to Omaha?

Oh wait! That might be me. Today, we don't gather around the slide projector and watch the slides click by, carousel tray after carousel tray.

But I am wondering if I might be in danger of alienating any faithful readers (or even occasional readers) with my travelogue and modern-day slide show via blog. And I know all of you have friends on Facebook who post volumes of photos. (By the way, if my internet were faster, I would probably BE one of those people, so I'm not really being critical.)

I guess the difference is that you can discreetly "leave the room" if you don't like the slide show. It was a little tougher back in the day when you had develop a sudden headache if Aunt Gertrude's slide show got a little lengthy and you were desperate to duck out.

So, this is the last post from our visit to Omaha. You can politely leave the room or shuffle through a few more snapshots of our visit to Big Red Country.

However, I am fairly confident that Omaha will be on our travel agenda in the future. The attraction is not necessarily the Henry Doorly Zoo or the Holy Family Shrine, though they are lovely places to visit.

My favorite location is a little B & B operated by a cute newlywed couple.

Sorry folks: I can't promise never to post another photo from Omaha. But after today, I'm done for now.

And, by the way, though the Omaha Travel and Tourism Department has not yet seen the value of paying me a little something for my endorsements of their fair city, I would recommend it as a vacation spot. There's lots to do - even if your visit does not include accommodations at the lovely Ladd B & B.

This shows the meandering road that leads visitors through Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari. I probably wouldn't call it a safari, since the animals were not exactly fierce lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! I guess there were a couple of bears along a walking path. And no, they were not running wild.

Actually, we felt at home in the wildlife safari, since it reminded we Kansans of "Home on the Range." It was definitely a place where "the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play" (and some elk, too).

For most of the visit, we were required to stay in the car. But there was a walking trail, and this was one of the beautiful scenes along the way.

Below was a not-so-beautiful scene along the way. I do a lot of walking, so I wasn't too concerned about a hiking trail. You will notice the ropes along the side. Yes, I had to use them to haul myself up the steps (and there were more than just these). It may not look that steep. But for this Kansas flatlander? Trust me, it was.

This is the sign we should have looked at on our way. But who needs directions, right? Note the presence of a "black" - or most difficult - trail. We found it.

Randy really enjoyed the Strategic Air and Space Museum located near Ashland, Nebraska.

He's always been a fan of military movies and stories. A veteran led us through two hangars full of retired military aircraft, and it turned out to be one of Randy's favorite Omaha-area stops this time.

There were a few modern planes, too.

Randy & Eric played golf one evening at Indian Creek. Jill & I shopped. It was like old times to be the chief clothes "hanger-upper."

When Jill & I finished, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. What can you say about the Cheesecake Factory other than "YUM!" We did bring cheesecake home for the guys. (We're nice like that!)

Randy & I also enjoyed a walk into Iowa. That's not as impressive as it sounds. The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge is a 3/4-mile bridge over the Missouri River.

Randy straddles the Nebraska-Iowa state line.

At the nearby Qwest Center, I couldn't resist taking a photo of this saxophone player. Once upon a time, I was a sax player. I don't think I qualify anymore. I haven't picked up my saxophone since I left Skyline High.

I know you will find it hard to believe, but these are only a fraction of the photos I took during our stay.

Randy is eternally grateful for the invention of digital photography.

You are probably equally as grateful to reach The End. For Now.

Aunt Kim
of never-ending slide show fame

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