Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Future Farmer of America

I got to spend the afternoon with a Future Farmer of America. Braden, my great-nephew, came with his Grandma Lisa to spend a little time with his great-grandparents.

I have no idea whether Braden will be FFA material. He's only 11 months old, so we'll give him a little time to decide. But, the old Fisher Price Family Farm got a workout during Braden's visit, just like it did when the first generation of grandkids came to call.

He appears to be pondering the high cost of farm equipment and how that will translate to his bottom line. It's serious business.

Braden really got into his work. A good FFA member wants to make sure his cows and horses stay in the barn and don't escape before a guy can shut the barn door.

It's always good when the livestock stays where it's supposed to be. Sure as shootin', that'll make a guy smile.

Braden also had his first outing to a county fair. A guy needs to check out the different species to see what he might want to add at his own barnyard. He and Aunt Abby explored the sheep barn at the Pratt County Fair.

It's always good to get advice from a veteran farmer.

Braden and Great-Grandpa Moore

Even hard-working guys need a way to unwind after a busy day of farming.